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At PROGENIUM it’s all about passion – for our clients, for entrepreneurship, for the mobility industry and its impressive variety, for strategic thinking and for excellent results. But most of all it’s about passion for people.

PROGENIUM has a strong team of individuals from different industries with remarkable competencies and various interests. Our core team is complemented by an extensive network of associates with a wealth of experience. All our RESULTANTS are united by the passion for what they do both as professionals and privately.

We combine our passion with our three core values everybody at PROGENIUM identifies with: excellent, reliable and energetic.

The result is a successful, independent and owner-managed company with offices in Berlin, Munich, London and Shanghai and projects all over the world.

Hi, I’m Michael and I love to create positive solutions, inspire people and study new things.

At PROGENIUM I‘m able to experience an incredible journey with exciting projects and events, interesting customers, incredible experiences and a lot of fun with many dear people. The opportunity to grow, to develop innovative solutions and make others sucessful drives me. Because nothing offers more sense and happiness than accompanying customers, colleagues and partners in their growth and making them successful.

For this PROGENIUM is the perfect playground. Entrepreneurial thinking and action is the quintessence in our daily work. Since PROGENIUM was founded, it has been essential for us to create an open culture characterized by personal responsibility, trust, joy and room for happiness.

What inspires and motivates me here the most are the fantastic people at PROGENIUM, the RESULTANTS.

Being a RESULTANT is a mind-set that we share, it is about “getting stuff done”, “responsibility & trust” and “striving for excellence”. And I am very proud and happy that I can call such a great group of individuals our Team. Because this team is the reason our customers enjoy working with us. It is drive, shared values and focus on results, so it simply delivers.

And if you are looking for a vocation and not just a profession – join our journey and become part of our team.

I’m Swantje! In 2005 I became a PROGENIUM Resultant. Since then I have been leading many challenging projects first and foremost in the automotive industry where I had the chance to develop new brand and marketing strategies together with a team based on profound customer insight. I have a real passion for customers. I do not only want to know why they choose a product or a service. I believe, that it is also important to understand what kind of life they have, what their values are and what they dream of. To make this happen my interest for insights from market reasearch and Design Thinking helps a lot.

We have a special way of working together with our clients, that I like very much. We form a common team with the clients to find answers together and laugh together which actually makes a difference both for the atmosphere and the results. What I really like about my colleagues is, that they never stop to move forward while being creative, easy going and fun to be together with.

I am from Germany, live in Norway and work in several european countries. I have two children, that are now 10 and 12 years old. Besides one year parental leave for each of them, I have always been working and PROGENIUM supported me to find solutions, that made this possible even when the children were smaller and needed both my husband and me more than today. This flexibility and freedom is something important, that I love about my job at PROGENIUM.

I am Alina, Senior Consultant at PROGENIUM and I am PASSIONATE ABOUT LIFE.

When I became a RESULTANT I never thought that I could still live one of my biggest dreams: Living in my favorite country Italy. But that is what has happened. I did an Executive MBA in the most beautiful city Rome. And even more: I still worked on exciting and challenging projects as a Senior Consultant for PROGENIUM.

My journey at PROGENIUM started as a Business Analyst. I was developing the Autonomous Driving Index and soon had a lot of expertise in this interesting field. My very first Project at PROGENIUM was for an international OEM in London where I had the chance to proof my talent and work with many inspiring people. Since then I did several projects in different areas which all gave me more and more insights of the interesting and ever-changing automotive industry.

For me the most fascinating about PROGENIUM is that everyone is open minded. We are a bunch of people with different interests, talents and motivations but we have one thing in common: We are passionate about what we do!

Being part of the PROGENIUM family means having responsibility and most important being yourself. I love to work on challenging questions, developing something completely new and different to bring our customers not only one but ten steps forward!

I am Björn, Associate Project Manager at PROGENIUM. I am inspired and DRIVEN BY CHANGE.

Especially the change of mindsets. I believe that challenging people is the key to promote them. And I am passionate about bringing entrepreneurial thinking and know-how to people and organizations.

My story as a RESULTANT started almost 15 years ago when I did a big project in Barcelona. In 2011 I started my own business in the fitness industry beside working with PROGENIUM. The business is like a big project and a win-win situation for everyone – our customers benefit from my entrepreneurial thinking and my company from the structured and goal-oriented way of working at PROGENIUM.

What makes PROGENIUM special for me is the mix of RESULTANTS – we are a team of empathic, intelligent, interesting and human people who are having an incredible appreciating way of interacting with each other. It is always inspiring to see how each one of us manages challenges and strives for excellence. This coupled with maximum professionalism and implementation strength through our result-oriented consulting approach enables us to successfully work on incredible projects and insane topics.

With PROGENIUM I can embrace my passion for new and challenging topics and I can use my talent to channel the ideas and energy of our clients to achieve the best possible results.


You embody excellence, enthusiasm and trustworthiness to achieve the best results.  Making a difference is what you strive for. Therefore you differ from others by the high standards you set for yourself. Your goal is constant development – personally and professionally. Social competence is crucial for you. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and you are familiar with strategic and analytical approaches. You shape your own work environment and accompany clients responsibly and energetically.

You want to be part of PROGENIUM.

You want to be a RESULTANT.

You are driven by PASSION.




As RESULTANTS we are committed to our claim: creating success.

Our goal is to make people successful. Starting at our clients we strive to create sustainable and measurable results through a hand-in-hand value-oriented approach combined with the excellent skill-set of our RESULTANTS, based on social competences as well as distinctive professional and methodical skills in each and every project.

At PROGENIUM it is equally important for us to support our RESULTANTS in their professional and personal development and make them even more successful.

Personal individual growth is at the heart of what we do, and we always promote our RESULTANTS individual talents. Therefore we offer a performance-oriented compensation-model and individually tailored training programs. Moreover our RESULANTS benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our freelancer and expert network which is shared among the organization. Hierarchy plays a subordinate role – for us it’s all about common values.


To become part of PROGENIUM send us your application to passion@progenium.com including the following documents:

  • A cover letter that explains what you are passionate about, why you apply at PROGENIUM, your interest for consulting and your professional and personal goals
  • Your detailed curriculum vitae
  • All job references since graduation from school

We are always searching for excellent and passionate people who are looking for a permanent employment, freelancer activity or internship / working student activity. Therefore we have no application deadlines. All applications are welcome.

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